Elegant Short Hairstyles For Women Over 50

1. Retro Curled Faux Hawk

This vintage curled fake hawk is bold, unusual, and statement-making. Nobody would miss a second of this ultra-glam outfit, focusing on the wearer. If you like challenges, this is for you!

2. Close-Cropped Fro

Natural curls are underappreciated! Age makes it simpler to recognize their innate appeal. This close-cropped fro adds refinement and grace to your outfit. Just a little style and you'll be fine!

3. Messy Heavy Shag

Meg Ryan's straight shag cut is excellent after years of wavy hair! The hefty layers frame her face. The untidy parting adds elegance and balances out facial asymmetry.

4. Pulled-Back Bob

Sharon Stone's trademark haircut suits over-50s. The pulled-back bob is stylish. Trendy yet sophisticated, it's excellent for work.

5. Simple Twist Updo

Style and convenience can coexist, as Meryl Streep proves. A simple twisted updo may dress up your everyday hairstyles. Additionally, it is simple and fast.

6. Curly Lowlighted Lob

As curly-haired, wide-eyed Sally in When Harry Met Sally, Meg Ryan won hearts. She gave us this mature curling lob. Looks great! Curls complement her silver blonde lowlights.

7. Classic Blonde Lob

Michelle Pfeiffer's golden hair never ages. To copy this haircut, acquire a double-layered lob at the hairdresser. Keep layer ends thin and sharp.

8. Back Mohawk Bob

Many women believe edgy haircuts are unsuitable beyond a certain age. Actually, the opposite is true. Edgy accessories like a back mohawk may liven up short hair. 

9. Combed-Back Lob

Fastest haircut ever! Easy to do too. This works for parties, gatherings, and business meetings. This lob looks stylish with flipped ends.

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