Stylish Bob Haircuts For Women Over 50

The timeless Bob hairstyle descends just below the chin and offers elegance and simplicity.

1. Classic Bob

A longer version of the iconic bob that frames the face and imparts a youthful appearance.

2. Lob (Long Bob)

For a modern and whimsical take on the classic bob, add layers and texture.

3. Textured Bob

Gradually elongate the hair from the back to the front to create a sleek and dynamic appearance.

4. Angled Bob

Straight and sleek, the blunt bob provides a refined and sophisticated appearance.

5. Blunt Bob

One side is longer than the other, lending a touch of edginess and intrigue to the style.

6. Asymmetrical Bob

Add jagged layers for volume and movement, resulting in a chic and carefree appearance.

7. Choppy Bob

The rear is stacked to create volume, while the front is left longer for a stylish contrast.

8. Stacked Bob

Embrace your natural curls with a bob that accentuates your unique texture.

9. Curly Bob

Add feathered, wispy ends for a soft and romantic appearance that complements your features.

10. Wispy Bob

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