surprising plant placements in your home

Hanging from the ceiling

Hanging plants from the ceiling is an ingenious (and beautiful) way to save floor space while making a strong aesthetic impact.

In the shower

Another unusual spot that many plants love? The shower! Pop a little humidity-loving green friend onto a shelf, windowsill, or shower caddy for a fun splash of green that makes your daily rinse feel a bit more like a spa day.

In an unused fireplace

If you live in an old home or building, you may have a fireplace that is no longer functioning. Instead of leaving these unused amenities empty.

Hanging from a clothing or storage rack

Have an old rack  Hanging plants from a clothing or storage rack is a fun, easy way to up your indoor greenery game.

Above (or on) the toilet

The empty space above your toilet is an often overlooked opportunity for storage and decorating. 

On a chair

Short on plant stands Give your plant a seat in an unused chair! Many of us have some extra seating lying around for extra company.

On top of your fridge

See green every time you reach for your greens. Keeping plants on top of your fridge helps reduce the amount of floor space. 

Hanging from the kitchen ceiling or pot rack

The kitchen is another humidity-loving plant favorite! But finding spots to place your greenery can be tricky. 

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