The Best Beginner Meditation Tips


Here are some things you can do to prepare yourself before you even get down to the actual practice of meditation.

Remember That Anyone Can Meditate

It’s going to be more difficult and more stressful to get into meditation if you already feel like you’re going to fail. Meditation is truly for everyone–remember that.

Set Aside Time

Pick a time of day that you consistently have time to meditate. Try to make this as sustainable a routine as possible.

Try In The Morning

While it's more important to be consistent, many experts say that the morning is generally a more effective meditation time.

Get Rid Of Expectations

Many people have expectations about how meditation works and what it should feel like.

Pick A Meditation Spot

Pick a spot in your home that you can use for your meditation. Picking the same space consistently can help you associate that area with tranquility and relaxation.

Turn Off Your Phone

Phones (or any other technology, really) are a constant distraction. Unless you need it for the meditation, try and stay away from the modern world until you've finished.

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