The Best Colors to Wear If You Have Red Hair

1. Green

Various tints of green, such as emerald, forest, and olive, can create a harmonious and vibrant appearance when paired with red hair.

2. Blue

Cool tones such as navy, cobalt, and turquoise can provide a striking contrast with red hair, emphasizing the warmth of your hair.

3. Earth Tones

Colors such as camel, beige, and warm browns can create a natural and balanced look, accentuating the natural radiance of your red hair.

4. Purple

Deep and jewel-toned purples, such as plum and aubergine, create an enticing contrast with red hair.

5. Golden Yellows

Golden and mustard yellows can create a visually enticing combination with red hair's warm undertones.

6. Coral

This warm and vibrant hue can accentuate the vibrancy of red hair and create a striking appearance.

7. Cream and Ivory

These neutral hues can provide a soft and sophisticated backdrop, allowing your red hair to assume center stage.

8. Warm Neutrals

Shades such as terracotta, rust, and warm grays can complement and enhance the natural attractiveness of red hair.

9. Teal

Teal can create a striking contrast and accentuate the vibrant tones of red hair, resulting in a striking ensemble.

10. Pink

Soft pinks and powdery rose tones can be used to create a delicate and feminine appearance that complements the warm tones of red hair.