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The Top 10 Friendliest Wild Animals on Earth

Gray Whale:

Gray whales are known for their curious and gentle nature, often approaching boats and even allowing humans to interact with them.


Dolphins are highly intelligent and social animals known for their playful behavior and interactions with humans, especially in the wild.


Despite their size, elephants are often gentle and exhibit complex social behaviors. In some regions, elephants have been known to form bonds with humans.


Giraffes are generally docile animals and are known to be curious and tolerant of human presence, making them popular attractions in wildlife reserves.


Bonobos, also known as pygmy chimpanzees, are closely related to humans and are known for their peaceful and social behavior in the wild.


Manatees are gentle herbivores known for their slow movements and friendly demeanor. They are often curious about humans but generally keep their distance.

Red Panda:

Red pandas are shy and solitary animals, but they are known to be generally gentle and docile around humans when encountered in the wild.

Whale Shark:

Despite their massive size, whale sharks are known for their gentle and non-aggressive behavior towards humans.

Golden Retriever:

While typically considered domestic animals, there is a unique population of wild golden retrievers in the Russian.


Alpacas are domesticated relatives of the wild vicuña, but their wild counterparts are known for their gentle nature and social behavior in their natural habitat.