Top Makeup Tips For Baby Boomer Women

When I was writing this story, I found out that I'm not a real Baby Boomer. Instead, I'm just a follower, a Generation Jones.

Here are her 5 best makeup tips for Baby Boomer women. This writer doesn't agree with all of them, but they're all good!

Use cream, not powder-based cosmetics on the face. Powder adds texture to skin that already has developed texture.

Tip 1

Find a tone of lipstick that matches your inner lip or gums.

Tip 2

Don’t recreate the brows you had in your 20s. Women older than 50 tend to lose definition in their eyebrows. Just go with that.

Tip 3

Do not wear any eye shadow at all  Especially no contour in the crease because it gives the appearance of deepening the crease. A little bit of mascara is okay (wow, thanks).

Tip 4

Tinted moisturizers fail (I avoid #2). Find a foundation that covers without adding texture to level out skin tone. Spend money on a foundation and take your time to choose the appropriate shade. Accurate skin tone matching is crucial.

Tip 5