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About Us

a man holding a fish

WETJET TOURS was recently ranked the #1 shark fishing charter in Florida not just because we catch sharks, rather because we want to ensure that each charter makes our guests feel like they were submersed in an episode of shark week.  From catching the big one, to learning about it, to releasing it, WETJET TOURS takes great pride in not only our ability to put our clients on the fish, but to educate them about sharks as well.

After the big fight, and prior to releasing each shark, our captains make sure our guests will learn about each shark caught, and sometimes, on rare occasions, we even may be able to tag them!  We want each guest not only feel the massive strength of a shark on a hook up, but also a new appreciation for sharks, their habits and how each shark is an integral part of the ocean life.

We guarantee each sharking expedition is certain to change our guest’s perspective as each will get a first-hand, close encounter with a shark, quickly learning of their massive strength, the beauty they possess, and also the importance sharks have on the oceanic ecosystem.

Located at 20350 Summerlin Road in Fort Myers, Florida, the female-owned charter company knows that The Sanibel Outlet Mall is a perfect location for a long-term successful home. With over an estimated 8 million passerby a year and its high visibility location, the support of the local community, combined with a high-end outlet mall marketing plan certainly opens the door for an amazing retail opportunity. Located just two minutes from the Gulf of Mexico, 4 minutes from the Sanibel Causeway, and 7 minutes from Sanibel Island makes WETJET the premier shopping location and a perfect stop for beachgoers looking for performance apparel and gear, water accessories, and WETJTET branded clothing.

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Hello, I am Lorie Daniel, President of WETJET TOURS, located in Fort Myers, Florida, located near the Sanibel in the Sanibel Outlet Mall between the storefronts of Guess and Under Armor.

People often refer to us as a fishing charter business; however, we are far more than that!  We are Fort Myers all-inclusive fishing and outdoor store.  Located only two minutes the from Punta Rassa launch site, we offer an amazing inventory at an amazing price! Being locally owned and operated we understand what ocean goers need and we provide high-end products that will give you the best opportunity to enjoy your time on the water.…  As an Ocean Outfitter & Charter business we take great pride offering the essentials that make sense for those headed out on the water.  From frozen bait to waterproof phone bags to a huge selection of UPF shirts, hats, and even INTERNATIONAL RODS AND REELS, it is our goal to get you ready for the water.  Stop in for a look at our curated selection of ocean gear and be ready to tell a great fishing story!

We can’t wait to see you!

a close up of a turtle


Supporting the Save the Turtle Foundation is WETJET’s #1 priority, as the protection sea turtles through research, education and action are what we stand for. As most know Turtles have seen the Earth undergo so many changes over time and managed to survive them all. However, things are tough in the modern era when you are slow-breeding, long-lived reptile. Turtles face many threats from changes in climate, loss of nesting habitat, increased ocean pollution, and deliberate and accidental deaths caused by fishing and careless activities around the SW Florida Region and the world. It is these factors combined that has ensured that WETJET being involved and giving back is critical. Working directly with the Sea Turtle Foundation to address these threats through rescuing stranded turtles in the SW Florida region, while training others to provide educational programs for local schools the community of Ft. Myers and the surrounding are to understand how beautiful and charismatic these animals are as they are the photogenic face of so many tourism brochures and environmental campaigns.

WETJET TOURS is a highly experienced, focused, and passionate team of professional fishermen who take pride in delivering amazing fishing, shark habitat education, along with custom boating and travel adventures for our clients. Exploring, educating and fishing are the cornerstones of our charter business with a personal touch. We offer every kind of fishing charter experience you could ask for, from deep-sea charters to inshore fishing.

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A Shark fishing AND Alligator Wrangling expert, who at the age of 6 wrangled in his first gator on a bet with his grandfather.  With over 10,000 hours on the water.  Markus, who does not own a pair of shoes, has little fear, and the utmost respect, as he has caught sharks and gators bare handed, both in and out of the water!  from the Straights of Alaska to the coast of Miami, Markus Peaterson is one off the world’s top “wranglers” with countless documented  catch and releases.   He is also an avid BIG FOOTER, as he has been searching for the last 10 years with many close encounters… Just ask him!

Skyler “Snook” Reily

Hometown:  Jacksonville, Florida

The newest addition to our team, Skyler “SNOOK” Reily is not to be taken lightly!  A serious shark fishing novice who is ranked one of the top-rated shark fishing females in the world.  She understands shark tendencies, feeding habits, and habitat location. Though, the youngest on our crew, Skyler certainly doesn’t show it when it comes to skill, fishing knowledge, and her amazing boat skills!


East Providence Rhode Island

WETJET’S Genral Manager; official spokesman, and day to day operations specialist, Ted’s size may be intimidating but his kindness, combined with his professionalism, calm demeanor and care for people make him a key element of the WETJET team.

With extensive ocean travel his marine experience combined with being an expert navigationonalist, experience, with over 60 years of ocean travel, gives Ted a vital role in helping WETJET TOURS  with boat safety, weather and navigation decisions.


The President of Operations, and fishing enthusiast, MJ and his wife Lorie took an idea, a concept, and created WETJET.  From the store, to the boats, to the Fishing Tournaments, MJ is involved in all aspects of WETJET.